Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Coastal Cupboard, Mark's Massage and My Foodie Stuff!

Whew!  I am breathing a sigh of relief!  It has been a crazy few days.  You can tell, can't you?  You haven't heard from me since Friday?!?  Well, let me just tell you....and, remember, I am ALLLL about gratitude these days.

Friday, gratitude came so very easily.  The mister and I decided to visit Coastal Cupboard at lunch and check out a cooking class.  Not interactive in the sense that we were chopping and dicing but most definitely interactive in that we had an amazing chef sharing kitchen tales and tidbits of good info. with us.

He was in constant motion so getting a good shot was a bit difficult but it was absolutely a fun experience.  Stephen Harman is their in-house chef and he is king of the kitchen.  He started out by letting us know that our dessert was already in the making....butter pecan ice cream.  Then, he quickly put together Goat Cheese and Asparagus soup made fresh in his Vitamix.  I have to love anyone who cooks with my favorite appliance!

Is that not the most beautiful color of green?  It was topped with some pickled shrimp and red pepper and even the mister liked it and he detests asparagus!  We then got to watch the creations of red rice and a beautiful grouper.  These are both recipes that we'll be having at home very soon!

And, dessert was freshly made peanut brittle over that butter pecan ice cream.  You don't see a picture of that because it was gone VERY quickly.  So much fun!  I definitely recommend this experience for those of you who are interested in learning more about cooking!  Like I said, Friday was an easy gratitude day!

Saturday, we met some relatives for lunch at Lowcountry Bistro.  Gratitude?  A Mahi-Mahi salad.  Will definitely be ordering that again on the next visit.  We enjoyed a leisurely lunch with our relatives from Atlanta and Charlotte.

Sunday  was spent in my own kitchen.  I was grateful for the time to prep some things for a busy Monday and Tuesday.  It looked a bit like this...

Freshly chopped carrots and cauliflower.  Fresh pineapple.  Pasta with beans and sauteed onions and garlic.  Enchiladas stuffed with quinoa and roasted carrots with tumeric.  And, a whole wheat chocolate chip cookie topped with salty pretzels.  My kiddos will always reach for fresh fruits and veggies is they are cleaned and readily available.  I'll do this same thing again mid-week with a variety of produce and keep everyone happy!

Yesterday, I spent the day filling in for a friend at one of my favorite shops downtown.  Away 2 Insights.  While there, I also got a massage from this guy...

Mark is a licensed massage therapist and also has an intuitive side that makes a simple massage an amazing experience.  Visit the site if you are interested in scheduling time with him!

See?  I told you I've been busy!  Today's gratitude?  This flyer is ready to go and I am so ready to teach!  If you know kiddos who are interested in learning healthy kitchen habits, you know how to get in touch with me!

I'm heading out shortly for a quick bite at Five Loaves and then, on to Salsa lessons!  I love my life!  Hope you love yours as well!  Happy Tuesday from Charleston Treasures!!


  1. That asparagus soup is beautiful and I also really like the look of the pink shrimp topper. I don't own a Vitamix and I think abut it from time to time, wistfully. One day when I have a bigger kitchen….

  2. Such a busy lady! I love the kids in the kitchen class! When my daughter gets bigger we are definitely going to sign up! What fun. SALSA classes? Ooh lala!


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