Sunday, February 2, 2014

Day 33~ My Mister

Gratitude today, the 33rd day of the year?  Most definitely!  I am so grateful for my mister who works hard to keep our relationship a primary focus.  We have been looking at our lives and scheduling work and more work and trying to schedule some play to balance things out.  

With both of us working on new businesses, we could lose our focus.  Our "each other" focus.  That could happen, right?  But, that isn't our goal.  

So, we are making time to continue to do the things that bring us crossing off things from Our Top 50 Bucket List.  Do you remember that post from February of last year?  You should check it out.  We have actually accomplished several of those things but still have a ways to go!

We are pretty good at scheduling play together.  For Christmas, I bought tickets to complete #38 on our Charleston Treasures Top 50 Bucket List.  Do a Charleston Pub Crawl.  Sounds fun, right?  It will be and I will definitely let you know how that goes~as soon as this crazy weather evens out!

We also just registered for Salsa Dance lessons.  Our Valentine's Day present to each other.  We have always loved to dance so this should be extra fun!  If you also love to dance, shoot me a message and I'll share the details.  Definitely a new adventure for us!

So, yep.  I am grateful for my mister today.  We have been on a whirlwind kind of ride for the past thirteen years and I wouldn't change a thing!!  Hope you also have someone special that you are totally grateful for on this Sunday morning.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday from Charleston Treasures! 

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