Friday, February 21, 2014

Food Lion Frugal Cook-Off

Go, Food Lion!  They sponsored the Frugal Cook-Off at Charleston Cooks and yours truly was invited to participate.  It was Iron Chef-Charleston style....eight bloggers, a $15.00 budget, a surprise protein and 45 minutes to cook a dinner for four!

I was definitely nervous but also excited!  I had never competed in the food arena.  I cook at home on the fly often.  Standing in front of my own pantry and seeing what I can create but this was definitely different.  Not only was I working with a partner that I had just met, I was doing it all with cameras and video and three judges sitting on the front row. 

My partner, Sydney, is the creator of the blog Queen of the Food Age

We are holding our dish right before presentation to the judges.  We ended up getting Tilapia as our protein~ a godsend for a vegetarian who occasionally eats fish!  We also made a cucumber and onion salad tossed in a sweetened vinegar with a rice pilaf made with sauteed onions, garlic and peas. 

Today, now that I have had some time to process it all, I am so grateful for this experience.  It was entirely fun!  So, I guess this is gratitude for yesterday and for today's gratitude....

I want to share with you all of the fantastic bloggers who participated!  I was so grateful for all of the experiences and knowledge that they each brought to the competition.  I know that you will truly enjoy checking out these blogs.  They are very different and each one is unique. 

·       Megan Baker – Fried Green Pickles 
·       Brittany Greer – Counting my Cupcakes
·       Lisa Caplinger – Charleston Treasures
·       Valerie Kirkland – LiveFit Journey
·       Jessica Paulsen – Local Goodness
·       Sydney Gallimore – Queen of the Food Age
·       Katie Perkinson – The Perks
·       Shelby Hanchey – Recent Somethings

I do have one more surprise from Food Lion.  It involves a gift card....I'm not quite ready to share that part with you, though.  I leave you with this video of the competition.  You can get a feel for what the experience was really like.  

Food Lion Frugal Cook-Off, Charleston 2014 from Third Floor on Vimeo.

I hope this Friday finds you looking forward to a fantastic week-end ahead.  It looks like it might be a rainy one~pack the umbrella! 

Happy Friday from Charleston Treasures and check back soon for this Food Lion gift card surprise and the recipe to our fish dish!


  1. What a wild night right? So glad to have met you and Sydney!

  2. Great to have met y'all! Loved reading your take on the whole event :)

  3. Looks like a great time was had by all!


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