Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Glenn Miller Orchestra at Newberry Opera House

I know.  Horrible picture.  Photos weren't allowed and I was trying to get one to share with you without the flash.  Bad idea.  In case you can't see them, it's the Glenn Miller Orchestra.

Today, this 40th day of 2014, I am totally grateful for these guys.  What a great concert today!  We picked up Stephan's good friend Mary...

drove to the super quaint town of Newberry and celebrated Stephan's birthday just a bit early.  He is a huge Glenn Miller fan and has been counting down the days.  He was actually the one filled with gratitude all day!!

We watched the concert and enjoyed a good lunch.  I'll share the restaurant with you another day.  And, we enjoyed being in the Newberry Opera House.  It's pretty impressive and stately and has a great concert line-up for this year.  

And, of course, we had to purchase CD's and a t-shirt and get some autographs. 

Tonight, I am grateful for this kid!  He is unique~probably the only 15 year old around who adores Glenn Miller and 1970's bug cars and I love all that about him.  He isn't afraid to simply be who he is and to own it and to love himself as he is.  We should probably all take some notes from this one!

On another note, my father-in-law isn't progressing well and we have spent the evening packing and getting organized.  We are hitting the road quite early tomorrow to spend the next few days in West Virginia and see what the week brings.  Prayers would be greatly appreciated!

I hope you are all getting ready for another week.  It's hard to believe that February is nearly half over...seems like it was just New Year's Day!  Time flies...

Happy Sunday from Charleston Treasures!

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  1. 16 years are awesome! I am sorry about your father, I hope your visit goes well.


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