Monday, March 3, 2014

My Birthday Week

Road Trip!  My birthday was last week and the Mister surprised me with a short jaunt to Asheville, NC.  We were supposed to check out this town last March but his Mom fell and broke her hip.  Trip cancelled.  So.....Wednesdsay, we packed a bag and enjoyed a sun-filled day on the road.  A four hour trip isn't bad for two days of fun!

Thursday was spent touring an incredible, unique spot.  The Biltmore.  Simply amazing!  No photos were allowed inside but, I can definitely say~Put this on your list of places to see!

My birthday celebrations continued even after we got home.  The Mister had been grabbing lunch in the market and ordered an entire set of these...

Don't you love them? The Palmetto design will surely brighten our new kitchen and bathrooms.  I love it when he thinks out-of-the-box and surprises me!  I still stand by the fact that I really don't like surprises. Although, I guess it's the waiting that I don't really like.  So, I'm good if I don't know the surprise exists?!?  Whatever, right?  These can be found in the Charleston City Market and are hand painted by Mary Lou.  I do have her business card.  Message me if you are interested in her information.

Saturday evening, I had one last birthday celebration.  My Mom came over and commandeered my kitchen (not an easy task if you know me at all!) and prepared some Frogmore Stew.  She even showed up with a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and mint chocolate chip ice cream.  She knows me so well!

Lastely, I have spent the past two days on the couch.  (Insert frowny face here.)  I have been sick.  First, my Mom.  Then, Stephan Michael.  Now, me.  So, I have had some time to sleep and sleep and drink a ton of fresh juices.  Blood oranges, flax seed and raw honey definitely helped!

And, this morning~ spinach, celery, parsley, flax seeds and chia seeds did the trick.  I finally feel back to normal!  I always love it when my juice turns out my favorite color!

I want to leave you with a new blog to check out.  Local Goodness.  I met Jessica during the Food Lion Frugal Cookoff and was so impressed with her blog premise.  She actually teaches people to preserve or can home grown food.  Creative idea, right?  You should definitely check out her site when you have some time.  She is beginning some classes, too!

I have so much to be grateful for and I totally am.  Even while feeling under the weather, I had a great birthday week with my kids and the Mister.  The past six days of this year have been incredible.  Thanks, kiddos, Mister and Mom!!  

Tomorrow, I plan to share our incredible Bed and Breakfast with you.  It made our stay in Asheville even more pleasant.  And, unlike the Biltmore, I was able to take a ton of pictures.  Check back tomorrow?

Hope you are finding some sunshine today~it's a bit grey here this afternoon.  But, Happy Monday anyway, from Charleston Treasures!!

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  1. Hope you are feeling better soon! Can't wait to hear more about your trip!


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